Since 2012, we have made footprints all over Connecticut, leaving behind hints of inspiration and hope and bits of humor and creativity. We strive to impact each and every little life around us. 


This group is packed full of crazy, whacky, and unique teens and young adults ages 13-21. They rehearse on Sunday afternoons from 2:30pm-4:30pm. A variety of songs are chosen for this group including oldies, folk, acoustic, and Top 40 pop tunes. Members are given the opportunity to perform in a small group, and those with interest are carefully selected and placed with others from Sound Proof. A big, end of the semester concert is held at the end of both Spring and Winter semesters, where all of the songs rehearsed within these groups are performed.


A group of kids ages 5-12, get together for rehearsal on Monday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. They practice an appropriately selected song that has been arranged specifically for them. The large group is divided into two smaller groups, the younger and the older, and each small group also practices a song selected intentionally for their age range. Ultimately, Sound Byte will perform in both the Spring and Winter concerts with the other Sound Affect groups. 



SOUND Familiar

An awesome crew of adults who get together on Monday evenings from 7:30pm-9:00pm after long days of caring for kids, work and school to create music and great company to everyone around! Songs for this group are chosen from the good ol' days, to today's best hits! Sound Familiar joins both Sound Proof and Sound Byte in both of the end of semester concerts.